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Stay Cool All Summer Long

Trust us to handle you're A/C repair and maintenance needs

Having a reliable A/C unit is vital for beating the heat during the summer months. At OMNI Comfort Heating & Air, we can help you keep you're A/C working how it should. Our team can perform all types of general repairs and maintenance to extend your unit's life span and improve its performance.

We can work on all types of units, such as:

  • Through-the-wall units
  • Standard condenser units
  • Package units
  • Window units

Reach out to us today to get your system repaired or maintained.

When to get an upgrade

In addition to repairs and maintenance, our team can also replace your old A/C with a new modern system. You may want to consider an upgrade if:

  • Your current unit is always breaking down
  • You're noticing unusually high energy bills
  • You can't get reliable cold air anymore

We'll help you find a unit that's a good fit for your home from our great partners like Armstrong Air. Set up your appointment by calling us at 423-608-1784.